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The Tahanan ng Mahal na Ina ng Guadalupe Inc., (Homecare) is a particular apostolate of the Missionary Sisters of the Evangelization (SME) formerly Missionary Sisters of the Catechism or (SMC). The Homecare was established in response to the needs of the times. A means in which the sisters as a consecrated persons express their service to the church; “To serve the Church means to spend our life in evangelizing and catechizing our brothers and sisters, with faith and love, with humility and constancy; to love the Church means to know how to suffer every pain…(Fr. Ida on that time, ID 22). It was the words of the Founder Rev. Fr. Vincenzo Ida that concretely compels to teach the truth of faith in wherever the sisters are assigned in works of charity in the church.

The construction of the building was made possible by the help of supportive benefactors with the partnership of the sisters, headed by Sor. Maria Sagrario Hernandez. The project was permitted and supported by the Mother General Bernardina H. Perez and the Archbishop of Lipa Ramon C. Argϋelles. It was by then the works of the Holy Spirit that encouraged stakeholders and cooperators to collaborate; together with the willingness of people from different places who sent their financial aid for the completion of the project.


To support the elderly, experience a peaceful loving God.


Welcoming the abandoned poor elderly women and bestowing them with Christian love through the humble service of the Missionary Sisters of the Evangelization.


In the elders’ twilight years, the agency will be their arm, refuge, and a sense of joy.

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How Do Home Healthcare & Home Care Work Together?

Home healthcare and home care services can work together to provide a comprehensive care plan tailored to an individual's specific needs. In many cases, a person may require both medical and non-medical support to improve their overall well-being and maintain independence at home.
The integration of home healthcare and home care services enables individuals to age in place comfortably and receive the necessary support to maintain their health and independence in familiar surroundings. It can also offer peace of mind to family members knowing that their loved ones are receiving comprehensive and personalized care at home.